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Bubbles, Bubbles and Bubbles Degustation

Bubbles, Bubbles & Bubbles Degustation Sunday 17th November 2019  |  Lamont's Winery, Bisdee Arrival 12pm for 12.30pm sit down till 4pm $70 per person Lamont's would like to invite you to enjoy a day of light, bubbly and refreshing sparkling wines paired with delicious and seasonal plates to ignite that summer spirit and delight the senses. The Menu Wilson’s welcome drink with Lamonts bread and olives 2017 Lamonts Vintage Sparkling with Crispy roasted cauliflower, chimichurri and pecorino 2015 Lamonts Vintage Sparkling with Grilled salmon, sumac and lime crust 2017 Lamonts Sparkling Shiraz with Shaved Gingin beef, mustard dressing and caper crumb Lamonts NV Navera Sour with Lime and ginger meringue tart