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NV Liqueur Shiraz

A very concentrated style of fortified red wine. The Swan Valley Shiraz in this wine is from very old, non irrigated, low yielding vines and is hand picked when extremely ripe and raisined. The resulting wine is aged in barrels for many years and is then blended with much older reserve material. A portion of Jack Mann’s original *solera concentrated over several decades is included in this blend (2%). The bulk of the solera is Corin’s own from the eighties and nineties. An extremely rich, complex fortified wine exhibiting characters of dark chocolate, coffee, liquorice, raisin and some earthier savoury notes. This bottling is the entire solera and therefore will never be repeated. Alc/Vol 19.00

NV Navera

A classic Australian liqueur style is made from Swan Valley low-yielding old vine, dry grown Navera (a Muscat derivative), Pedro Ximenez (PX) and Frontignac (Brown Muscat). The components of this wine are aged for an average of ten years before careful selection and blending. The colour in the glass is a brilliant deep golden/amber with a slight khaki hue. The bouquet - a lift of ripe apricots, raisins and liqueured cumquats. The palate is rich, warm and luscious with a long lingering finish. To surprise and delight, try it also as a cocktail with plenty of ice and a small wedge of lime (squeeze out the juice first). Alc/Vol 19.00

NV Tawny

A distinctive Tawny Port Style made from predominately Shiraz with a small portion of Cabernet Sauvignon both sourced from the Swan Valley. A vibrant Tawny colour. On the nose, aromas of exquisite marzipan, toffee and ripe plum. Developed fruit cake characters follow on the palate which finishes with persistent drying tannins. Deep and memorable. Alc/Vol 19.00

R.S.W Liqueur (Reserve Sweet Wine)

Corin made this rare liqueur from dry grown, low yielding old vine Swan Valley Navera and Pedro Ximenez. Two barriques (small oak barrels) from the early eighties were deliberately left to age for a further twenty-five years prior to bottling. The result is an immensely complex fortified wine coloured with deep amber with golden hues with a nose of orange marzipan. The same characters are repeated on the palate which is enhanced further with toffee and treacle flavours. Developed, viscous and rare. Alc/Vol 19.00